We are a company of recent creation, however its founders are a group of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the field of waste and recyclables.


By knowing the needs and complications that many of the clients of this area present now a days, we have given ourselves the task of creating this commercial platform which will benefit everyone and simplify operations, providing security and confidence to both buyers and to sellers of this kind of goods.


Our company and its members are governed by good international business practices that They exist, as well as for the values ​​of honesty and commitment to all our clients in each of the transactions We do together.

Marko Karkkainen
Founder and CEO

Marko has three decades of experience in the circular economy, recycling, education, marketing, sales, general management in Europe, Americas, China and South East Asia.
Wide knowledge of environmental, food industry, healthcare and education. Strong and deep experience how to set up a and run companies successful in Europe, China and Asia Pacific. Head of Center of Excellence - Waste to Value, South East Asia in Singapore.
He holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing (with Merit), from The University of South Wales, UK.
Established businesses in Singapore, China, Finland and Netherlands. Created China, Asia Pacific division Managing growth $'0M to $'00M.
Lead Marketing departments in China, Asia Pacific.

Valter Bosio
Founder and CSO

Valter Has more than 25 years expererience in sales of equipment for waste recovery and management worldwide. The development of the different markets and related neworks of dealer , agents and clients.

Started from the base of the job as technical sales and supporting installation, he got the school and knoledge on what is the right way to have those materials recovered and re- valuated and today this experience is helping also for understand the different growing technologies and the changing of the market

Jair Bosio
VP Marketing

Jair has studied Graphics and communications skills, in the last period he has been dedicated to sell technologies  for the recycling and environmental solution in water systems and material recovery. Now in

charge of sales and comunications

Joshua Bosio

Joshua has an informatic background and skills in web site programming